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Add another level of elegance to your shower with our wide range of designs encompasing the ultra modern GAP to the elegant Cube design in copper finish. You are sure to find a Reef shower channel that will help you create a beautiful barrier free bathroom.

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Bathroom Floor Grate Drains & Channel Shower Drains

Reef stainless steel channels by Pride Industries offer homeowners and interior designers a modern, sleek and practical solution to water drainage in modern bathrooms, showers and wet areas. Aesthetically alluring, fast draining and durable enough for outdoor use, our selection of bathroom grates and shower drains are manufactured in Western Australia using the highest-grade materials, including 316 marine grade stainless steel, to provide drainage solutions that deliver peace of mind.

Create Beautiful Barrier Free Bathrooms

Reef Channel offers a superb selection of stainless steel bathroom grates and shower drains that perfectly compliment taps, faucets and accessories to enable the creation of beautiful barrier free bathrooms. Combining 316 grade stainless steel with the latest in innovative designs to deliver something for all bathroom styles, creating a stunning barrier free bathroom has never been easier.

From the sleek simplicity of our Kalabari channel range, now also available in matte black to beautifully compliment the matte black taps and accessories in modern bathrooms, to the geometric intricacy of our Cube channels, there’s a channel drainage solution from Reef Channels that’s perfect for every bathroom.

Sleek and unobtrusive, enabling homeowners and interior designers to implement the very latest on trend look, our stylish stainless steel shower grates are easy-to-clean, gentle on toes and engineered to last, enabling you to create the beautiful barrier free bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

And by delivering superior drainage rates of up to 114 litres per minute, our discreet bathroom channels with their simple, crevice-free designs that help to avoid harmful mould and mildew build-up, enable you to maintain a healthier, safer bathroom environment by quickly removing water.

Bespoke Bathroom Channels & Strip Drains

As we cater for all bespoke requirements, everyone from local homeowners and interior designers to property developers and bathroom renovation specialists can access premium quality channels, enabling everybody to create beautiful bathroom environments that are stylish, functional and safe.

We custom fabricate 2mm stainless steel shower grates, tile and stone inserts, bathroom grates and gap channels to our clients’ precise requirements, with all Reef Channel products backed up by our 10-year manufacturer warranty that provides further peace of mind in their durability and reliability.

No More Blocked Drains

Our premium quality, Australian made bathroom and shower channels are designed with the agility and innovation the modern residential market demands. Now featuring unobtrusive built-in strainer baskets for easier cleaning and the prevention of blocked drains, the Reef Channel range further empowers homeowners to maintain beautiful, barrier free home bathrooms that are as clean, hygienic and hassle-free as they are aesthetically outstanding, practical and safety enhancing.

Why Choose a Shower Drain Grate?

Maximising water egress to deliver outstanding water removal functionality in all bathrooms and shower areas, shower drains are immensely popular additions that deliver a superb range of benefits that make premium quality stainless steel bathroom grates and stone inserts by Reef Channel a smart choice for all residential properties. The benefits our drainage solutions provide include:

  • Easy Installation – As the shower floor need only slope in the direction of the shower drain rather than in four directions when placed in the centre of the floor, easy installation is assured.
  • Design Continuity – With a stainless steel shower grate or tile/stone insert, the same floor tile can be used throughout the area, ensuring the surface area isn’t interrupted with visual distractions.
  • Enhanced Safety – By removing the traditional step over the curb, installing a shower grate removes barriers and helps to eliminate accidents in bathrooms caused by stepping up and over the curb.

Additionally, with their alluringly long lines and clean, simple designs, installing a shower drain or bathroom grate at home offers greater placement versatility as well as easier maintenance, an important consideration when selecting the most suitable drainage and water removal systems.

Anti-Slip Drainage Solutions

Reef Channel provides anti-slip drainage solutions that are perfect for implementation in a wide range of environments, from commercial kitchens, hospitals and schools to factories and workshops.

With a tough silicone aggregate applied over 316 marine grade stainless steel, anti-slip drainage solutions by Reef Channel won’t wear, weaken or deteriorate over time, ensuring the solution implemented continues to provide the highest degree of slip resistance accessible for many years.

Available in a broad range of colours to suit all indoor and outdoor environments, the R13 anti-slip drainage channel is a one-time investment that delivers ongoing safety by providing dependable slip resistance in areas constantly exposed to water that may represent a high risk.

For the most extensive selection of bathroom grates, shower drains, gap channels, tile & stone inserts, wedge channels and anti-slip channels, don’t overlook the Reef Channel series by Pride Industries, leading providers of superior products for the Australian and international market for over thirty years. To learn more about the superior Reef Channel range, call us today – +61 (08) 9272 6511.

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