What causes a smelly bathroom drain?

A bathroom is where we wash ourselves, clean our teeth and freshen up in general. There’s no surprise, though, that we might not feel so fresh if our bathroom is filled with a putrid, sewer-like smell.

Once you’ve discovered the smell is coming from your bathroom drain, it’s time to go about fixing it – to keep ourselves and our bathroom feeling fresh.

Read on to find out what causes a smelly drain in the bathroom sink and shower drain.

Bathroom Sink Smells

Depending on the design of the plumbing system of your bathroom sink and shower drain, there could be plenty of reasons behind your bathroom’s foul odour.

Toothpaste, shaving cream, dead skin cells, soapy water – our bathroom drains see and wash away it all. Or so you thought…

Smelly bacteria from these wastes make the perfect home in our bathroom’s warm and wet plumbing systems. These bacteria may build-up to create a slimy, black gunk called biofilm.

Easily solved, specially-formulated cleaning products can be poured down the bathroom drains to eliminate the odour, as well as rinsing the pipes with a vinegar solution. Be careful to not mix vinegar and bleach though, as the two together will create toxic fumes.

Check your P-Trap

What’s a P-trap, I hear you say? Well, it’s a U-shaped fragment under your bathroom sink and shower drain that should always contain water. This water forms a barrier, preventing gas from the pipes from coming up and out of your bathroom sink. Bacteria due to lack of water produces hydrogen sulphide gas, giving off a rotten egg smell – yuck!

This is easily fixed by running the sink water for a few minutes, allowing your P Trap’s water to refill.

Bathroom Shower Drain Smells

Similar to your bathroom sink, not all that’s washed down the drain is gone forever.

If your water heater hasn’t been used in a while or your thermostat is set too low, bacteria may form and cause a smelly, sulphur odour. Drain blockages can also occur slowly over time, or abruptly and inconveniently.

Leaks, loose-fitting, rotten or cracked drain pipes also make for a less than appealing bathroom drain smell.

Smelly Bathroom Solutions

There’s a light at the end of your drain,  with these easy smell-solving-solutions you can do at home:

  • Clean bathroom drains/strainers – pull out hair and soap scum, use gloves of course.
  • Disinfect and deodorise your drains with 50/50 bleach and water.
  • Prevent soap build-up by pouring boiling water down your shower drain once a week.

Not only unpleasant smelling, the bacteria or gases behind a smelly drain could be hazardous to your health. In times of smelly bathroom drain trouble, locate the source, eradicate the odour and opt for drainage that’s easy to clean, functional and attractive.

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