Reef Chanel vs Bunnings: Shower Grate Quality vs Cos

Upgrading your bathroom may seem like a simple task that only requires you to make a few decisions. After all, the bathroom only includes the toilet, the tub, and the sink. However, there are actually many tiny details to consider. Making the right aesthetic choices on the smaller details and fixtures can really make all the difference, even for something as simple as a new shower drain grate.


It’s important to pick the right product not only for style purposes, but for functionality as well. That means picking the right vendor to get these pieces from. The most notable DIY hardware company are is Bunnings, where as Reef Channel specializes in shower drain grates. Both offer a wide variety of options that come in different colours, materials, and designs.


When deciding which is the best option, it’s best to consider the cost versus the quality of the product.


What is a Shower Grate?

A new shower grate can really improve your bathroom. The shower grate is the plate or piece with holes that covers the actual drain and is embedded at the bottom of your shower.


You must determine the type of drain featured in your shower, as well as its size and shape before you can start shopping for a new shower channel. Drains come in different shapes and sizes. The most common type of shower drain is a circular drain. But others might be narrow, long and rectangular – these are called trench drains.


You can find many different options for shower drain grate styles, like choosing from different patterns style in the openings. These tiny holes allow the water to flow into the actual drain, but picking a pattern style that matches the aesthetic of your shower or tub can really be a nice touch during your renovation.


Pick something that compliments everything else, whether it is a modern square pattern or something more traditional like the wire style pattern. Along with pattern, you can also decide which material, colour, and finish will be the best fit for your style.


The Reef Channel Difference

The Reef Channel creates modern-looking, stainless steel shower channels. They’re perfect for the modern shower, providing you with a barrier-free, spacious feel to your shower and bathroom. Thanks to their durability, they can also be used if you have outdoor shower areas.


The simple yet effective design is free of small crevices that might cause any mildew or mould to build up. Their channels offer excellent drainage flow of up to 114 litres per minute. It’s important that water be removed from the shower as quickly as possible to keep a healthy, clean environment.


They offer their own Reef Nano Barrier on all of their channels too. This barrier creates a much flatter surface at the microscopic level than standard stainless steel, greatly enhancing performance. The dense bond of this barrier is what makes their shower grates so durable.


Reef Channel guarantees their shower channels for 10 years. This is due to their high quality, premium 316 marine-grade stainless steel material.


Bunnings provides a much different experience, as they offer everything for DIY home renovation from gardening and outdoor living to lighting and paint. While they do offer many different designs, size, and options as far as shower drain grates go, their selection is from a number of different manufacturers.


Matte Black, Mixed Metallics, Bespoke Design

The Reef Channel offers many different designs. The most popular of their products are the matte black, mixed metallic, and custom-made bespoke designs.


Matte Black

Matte black is a very sleek, trendy look. The finish is incredibly durable and free of any heavy metal pigments. The Reef Channel creates their matte black look by using only healthy, ethically-sourced material. It even meets the volatile organic compound requirements for the Green Building Council of Australia.


The Bunnings website has a decent selection of matte black shower drain grates. However, there don’t seem to be any specific claims as to how environmentally-conscious the process was for creating the looks offered by these different companies.


Mixed Metallics

The Reef Channel allows you to mix and match materials to create your perfect shower drain grate. Whether you the matte black, copper, or gold, you can combine them to create a brand new look that’s unique to your taste and specifications. All of them are made with the same strong 316 marine-grade stainless steel.


You create your very own design for your shower grate through the Reef Channel, but first, choose the hole design pattern that you think best fits your bathroom. Next, you pick the size off the channel. Then, you can decide on your finish or finishes. You can choose a different grate and a different tray if you’d like. For example, you can have a gold grate in a matte black tray.


Looking through the selection for Bunnings, it is quite obvious that they don’t offer any mixed metallic designs. That’s not to say that the individual websites for the brands it sells don’t offer more selections. However, as far as purchasing these grates through Bunnings goes, there seem to be only single finish options.


Bespoke Design

Should you decide to fully customise your shower drain grate and channel, The Reef Channel allows you to do so with a full, comprehensive custom order form that will cover everything. It’s great if you are going for a very particular style and a something look in mind


Again, special order options might be available from the actual manufacturers of the brands sold through Bunnings. However, there doesn’t seem to be any actual means of custom or bespoke design ordering available through the Bunnings’ website.


Bathroom Renovations

Reef Channel is a company that specifically makes shower drain grates. They don’t offer other types of bathroom pieces or appliances.


Bunnings is a hardware retailer that sells a huge variety of DIY pieces for renovating your entire home. You can shop with Bunnings to purchase pretty much everything for your bathroom renovation. They sell everything from plumbing needs, toilets, showers, counters and mirrors, and decor to independent living restroom aids.


Comparing Costs

Renovating your bathroom can be an expensive process. Depending on how much you’ve already spent on bigger appliances and structural alterations, it’s important to consider how much you’re willing to spend on your shower grate.


Since the entire process of the Reef Channel ordering system is individualised, they offer a custom channel quote request order form. There don’t seem to be any set prices available via their website. Depending on the style of drain, size, finish(es) for grate and base you pick, and other options, they will total it up and send you a quote of how much everything will cost.


When shopping on the Bunnings’ website, you’ll notice that you can filter through price ranges that you want. The average price for many of their shower channels ranged between 100 to 500 dollars, but there is also a decent amount in the reasonably-priced 20 to 50 dollar range. The price varies so much because of the different brands that the company sells.



Paying attention to the smaller details of your bathroom renovation can really give you incredible end results. Even something as seemingly minor as a shower channel will really impress guests and create an unified aesthetic. By now, you realise how much thought can go into picking a shower drain grate and how many options you really have.


Between the Reef Channel and Bunnings, there are some pretty significant differences to consider when deciding which company’s product is best for you.


The Reef Channel sells their products directly and can offer full custom shower channels made to your needs and specifications. They offer a wide array of unique designs and finishes that can be easily mixed and matched to perfectly complement the look you’re going for. As added bonuses, they are an environmentally friendly company and have a 10 year guarantee.


Bunnings is a middleman retailer for several different companies. They do have a large selection, but many of the styles are very similar and the extent of their custom ordering is simply be able to select the size of your drain. However, it’s great that they have a wider price selection, allowing you still pick out a decent looking shower grate even if isn’t an element of your bathroom that you want to splurge on.


Both companies sell 316 marine-grade stainless steel shower grates. The Reef Channel can offer you high-quality custom pieces if you’re looking for something very specific or intricate or if you don’t mind splurging a bit. It’s also important to remember their patented Reef Nano Barrier that offers enhanced durability.


Bunnings can offer you a great shower grate if you aren’t too specific about what you want. You might just want something sleeker and nicer than what you already have.  Ultimately, it just depends on how important this feature of the bathroom is to you and how much time and money you’re willing to spend.