Wedge Channel

Popular with outdoor applications, the Wedge design is now available for bathrooms.

Popular with outdoor applications, the Wedge design is now available for bathrooms. Custom lengths also available.

Linear Wedge Wire Drains

Wedge wire

Available in both 316 and also for the budget conscious a 304 grade. Both are good quality stainless steels, just with 316 having superior resillience to the elements and cleaning products.

Wedge Wire Shower Drain Grates Introduce a Sublime Outdoor Design to Your Bathroom

A perennial favourite for outdoor applications, Reef’s Wedge design has recently been modified to accommodate bathrooms as well. This classic shower grate subtly blends into rustic bathrooms with rain shower heads, stone flooring and other outdoor-inspired fixtures.

This shower grate comes standard in 316 stainless steel for the ultimate in durability and timeless use, but we offer a more budget-conscious 304-grade Wedge shower floor grate, as well. Both grades of stainless are incredibly resistant to the elements and even the strongest cleaning agents, meaning you’ll enjoy years of effortless use from this product.

In its standard form, this drain is manufactured with a 50 mm central outlet to a width of 111 mm and a length of 900 mm. However, we can also create Wedge grates at custom length to accommodate your bespoke bathroom design.

Reef Is Beautifying Australian Bathrooms with the Wedge Channel Shower Grate

Reef’s stainless steel channels are proudly manufactured in Australia for modern homes. The Wedge Channel is yet another example of the lengths we take to provide our customers with sleek and practical drain solutions that they can enjoy for years to come. With products like this, you can achieve unbelievable drainage rates of up to 114 litres per minute without the need for a cumbersome shower hob to step over and avoid.

If you would like to learn more about the Wedge Channel or any of our other products, we’re only a click or phone call away. Contact us via the website or by calling us directly on (08) 9123 4567 to learn more.

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