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For a minimalist look in your shower the Reef Leveque or DEEP Reef stone insert channels are the way to go. Proudly manufactured in Australia from 2mm thick 316 marine grade stainless steel and backed by a 10 year warranty.


Ideal for use with larger tiles and with a tray depth of just 21.5mm is easy to install with often no requirement for chipping out concrete to accommodate the channel.


Designed to make working with any natural stone or thick flooring material a breeze. The insert tray will house up to 22mm thickness of material. Providing the minimalist look to compliment your choice of marble, granite or stone materials.

Tile Channel Drain

Reef Nano Barrier

Tile Drain
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Premium 316 Marine
Grate Stainless Steel

Our most popular model

Leveque Tile Insert

This is the channel to select when you don’t want your channel to be the feature of your bathroom. The cleverly designed tray within a tray system accomodates tiles so that the channel blends into your flooring. That’s why we call it ‘The Hidden’ drainage system. Performance is not a concern either as the 900mm long Reef Leveque tile insert floor waste channel has been laboratory tested to deliver 113 litres per minute of drainage. That’s equivalent to about eleven or twelve water saving shower heads going all at once.

DEEP Reef Stone Insert

If you have specified high quality natural stone for your new bathroom then you really do need a premium shower drainage system to match. Whether it be marble, granite or travertine the DEEP Reef stone insert channel will accomodate them all. Deep Reef stone inserts internal tray allows up to 22mm of flooring material thickness. Crafted from 2mm thick 316 marine grade stainless steel, the Australian made DEEP Reef channel is fast becoming the architects and designers channel of choice for any wet area application that involves natural stone.

Install the Leveque Tile Insert Shower Grate for a Minimalist Effect

Reef’s Leveque tile insert shower grate is perfect for bathrooms in which the drain serves a functional purpose but doesn’t need to grab attention. These inserts have a tray depth of 21.5 mm and are ideal for use in bathrooms with larger tiles. As with so many of our elegant shower grates, Leveque is easy to install and can often be inserted without the need to chip out any concrete in order to accommodate the channel.

This drain is 111 mm wide and ranges in length from 600 mm to 1800 mm, with an 80 mm central outlet. The entire component blends into the floor of your bathroom, whisking away as much as 113 litres of water per minute. All of this is made possible through a channel that’s largely hidden. It has to be seen to be believed.

Our Deep Reef Stone Insert Is Perfect for Natural Stone Flooring

If your bathroom floor is clad with thick, natural stone such as marble, granite or travertine, the Deep Reef Stone Insert is precisely what you need to complete the drainage system. This is a premium tile grate – perfectly suited for the requirements of a true luxury bathroom

It’s meticulously manufactured from 316 marine-grade stainless steel at a mere 2 mm of thickness. It will accommodate stone and other flooring materials at a thickness of up to 22 mm, and it comes standard at 111 mm wide and 900 mm long.

If you have any questions regarding which tile or stone insert shower grate is best for your bathroom, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page or by dialling (08) 9123 4567.

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