Point Drains

Channels and drains are an essential part of any bathroom or shower, but they needn’t be an eyesore. At Reef, we are committed to delivering attractive bathroom drainage solutions without scrimping on quality with our Point Drains and new Hexa Tile Insert Drains.

If you also need a point drain for a floor waste on your project you can now match the finish to your Reef Channel with our mixed metallic point drains in 50, 80 or 100mm round or square. (datasheet attached).

We love collaborating with our customers and the latest example is the innovative HEXA drain.

Evoke anything from a vintage style through to a more modern or organic feel using the HEXA tile insert drain which blends seamlessly into your shower or bathroom floor.

You can release your creative flair with this spectacular use of the honeycomb pattern.(datasheet attached).

Tile Drain

Mixed Metallic Point Drains

Reef Nano-Barrier

In the past copper and gold finishes have been avoided in the bathroom due to their tendency to tarnish or pit. Now with the innovative new Reef Nano-Barrier we lock in the copper, gold or antique copper finish. Using coating technology from the marine and aeronautical industries the Reef Nano-Barrier also makes cleaning a breeze and deters limescale build up or water staining. Guaranteed for 5 years.

Straight copper finishes

If mix and match isn’t your thing then we can also coat your channel of choice in the one finish. Simply specify that on your order form.

Hexa Tile Insert Drains

If you are looking for a shower drain grate with a difference, you might want to check out our Hexa Tile Insert Drain range. Available in a range of colours and styles, these innovative hidden drains blend seamlessly with your existing tiling to create a distinct look for your shower or bathroom floor.

At Reef, we pride ourselves in offering the very best shower floor grate and drainage solutions for homeowners and businesses in Perth and surrounding areas. Contact us today to find out more about our unrivalled product range.

Point Drains

We offer an extensive range of point drains in attractive styles and sizes. Whether you are choosing point drains to match our existing channel range or buying standalone units, we have a number of options that will fit seamlessly with the look and design you want to achieve.



Our point drains are available in a number of mixed metallic finishes: Matte Black, Gold, Copper and Antique Copper. All of our channels and drains are made from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel and our drains employ Reef Nano-Barrier technology that ensures they are easy to clean and will last for years to come. Our distinctive, high quality finishes can complement any bathroom design, from Matte Black for a more modern look to Antique Copper for a more traditional feel for your bathroom or shower. All of our point drains are available in 50mm, 80mm and 100mm in round and square.

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