Groove Drain

This ingenious design is an industry first, breaking new ground in the look and functionality of wet areas.

At the convergence of the floor and wall, water vanishes into a thin groove of stainless steel. This ingenious design is an industry first, breaking new ground in the look and functionality of wet areas. Perfect for those looking to set the trend, not follow

Granite Tile Drain In Shower
Nano Barrier Diagram

Premium 316 Marine
Grade Stainless Steel

A first in Australian bathrooms


Our designers attend trade shows around the globe looking for the latest trends and design ideas. The groove concept was born from one such trip to Germany where a trend toward minimalist bathroom drainage design was noted. However plumbing in Australia is very different to most other parts of the world. Our design team had to create the look but comply with the Australian standards for drainage. The result is a first for Australian bathrooms, The Groove is integrated into the convergence of the floor and the wall. Water simply vanishes into a thin groove of stainless steel.

Reef Presents One of the Most Innovative Shower Drain Grates Currently Available.

With a Reef Groove Drain installed, the floor and wall converge on a thin groove of stainless steel, and running water vanishes in a thin and seamless cascade. This is the ultimate in minimalist drainage systems – an industry first that is rewriting the book on bathroom design. Join Reef in setting a new trend and become the envy of your family, friends and neighbours.

Get in the Groove by installing this groundbreaking new drain in your bathroom. It features flush-mounted tiles on a height-adjustable insert for an unbelievably smooth surface. And with our state-of-the-art Reef Nano Barrier in place, your new shower drain grate will stand the test of time without the need for harsh cleaning agents.

Keeping it clean requires little more than an occasional wipe-down with a damp cloth. This means you leave toxic chemicals behind, extending the life of your other bathroom fixtures and protecting the sanctity of your shower environment.

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Our designers are truly on the cutting edge of bathroom design. They regularly attend trade shows in Australia and abroad to ensure they are up to date on the latest breakthroughs and innovations. And then they bring that knowledge home to perfect and expand upon it. If you’re ready to embrace the future of bathroom design, get in touch with Reef through our website or by calling us on (08) 9123 4567.

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