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With a minimalistic design the Reef Gap is perfect for the ultramodern bathroom.

With a minimalistic design the Reef Gap is perfect for the ultramodern bathroom. The thick 316 marine grade stainless steel cover is masterfully machined into a slight concave to provide a built in fall to facilitate drainage. It truly is form and function, working hand in hand.

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Premium 316 Marine
Grate Stainless Steel

More about the GAP…

Available in any size

Whilst 900mm is our standard length for the Reef GAP stainless steel shower channel, we can easily manufacture this sleek modern design to your exact specifications. Providing the latest chic look taylored exactly to the measurements of your new modern and spacious bathroom.

Reef Nano Barrier

The innovative Reef Nano-Barrier protective coating can be applied to any of the Reef products. Simply specify it when you place your order to be covered for five years against pitting, water staining and limescale buildup.

The Reef Gap

Our Most Sophisticated Shower Grate

With the sleek, contoured lines of the Reef Gap, creating the barrier free bathroom of your dreams has never been easier. Providing endless placement possibilities and facilitating maximum water drainage that helps to keep the shower area clean and free of unsightly mould and mildew build-up, this revolutionary shower drain gate is the perfect choice for ultramodern bathrooms in which only the finest products will do. Gentle on the toes while providing outstanding slip resistance, it enables the creation of a seamless floor space, conveying the impression of more floor area by eliminating the visual interruptions of traditional shower hobs.

The Perfect Bathroom Grate for Ultramodern Bathrooms

Combining unparalleled aesthetics with slip resistance unmatched on the modern market, the Reef Gap is the ideal bathroom floor grate for contemporary bathrooms in which sleek lines and contours dominate. This premium quality tailormade stainless steel channel boasts superior drainage rates that help homeowners to enjoy a cleaner, more hygienic bathroom free of the barriers that tend to make bathroom spaces boxy and compartmentalised rather than the flowing spaces they should be.

Whatever your ambitions for the perfect ultramodern bathroom space, the Reef Gap empowers you to create a chic bathroom that’s stylish, elegant and free of visual disruptions that inhibit the flow of the floor area and have the effect of making bathrooms feel smaller and more cramped than they really are. Ideal for bathrooms with frameless shower areas, this is a shower drain grate that sets the bar incontestably high and empowers homeowners to set trends that others will naturally seek to emulate.

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