How to Achieve a Self-Cleaning Bathroom

There are some great ways to achieve a self-cleaning bathroom, and it all lies in the design and smart bathroom products you use.

Bathroom channels allow water to drain easily and quickly, without the build-up of grime associated with slow drainage. Say goodbye to inhaling bleach fumes, dirty grout versus an old toothbrush, because we’ve compiled some ways to help you achieve a self-cleaning bathroom in your home.

Less Tiles

Less grout means less time on hands and knees scrubbing tiles.

Though tiles are traditional, you don’t HAVE to include them in your bathroom design. For instance, rendered concrete is low maintenance and looks amazing.

If you must use grout, try dark grout to complement dark tiles. Stains and spills will be less noticeable on dark colouring and make for easier cleaning. Also, who says tiles need to be for the floor? A tiled bathroom feature wall will add oomph and a little something different in your smart-looking, self-cleaning bathroom.

Smart Shower Design

It’s time to say goodbye to the shower cubicle. Enclosed showers are great for keeping water contained, but the traditional shower screen is a safe haven for mould, dirt, limescale to grow and thrive. Nobody likes corners and crevices that hide these nasties, nor do we like foggy and streaked shower glass due to slack cleaning.

On the contrary, a small, non-enclosed shower screen is:

  • Easier to clean,
  • Cost-efficient if needed to be replaced down the track, and
  • Still effective in containing shower water.

Top off your smart shower design with a self-cleaning showerhead (yes, you heard us right!), like this one from Revolution Showers, and one of our expertly manufactured shower channels, and you’ll be well on your way to slashing your cleaning woes.

Standalone Bathtubs and Toilets

Hard-to-reach nooks and crannies are the enemies to achieving a self-cleaning bathroom. Most bathtubs are enclosed up against bathroom walls, leaving opportunities for mould to grow. Simply stated, the more streamlined your bath, the easier it is to clean, the closer you are to a self-cleaning bathroom.

I bet the first thought of a standalone tub was a gorgeous, classic clawfoot. Sorry to break it to you – but remember those pesky nooks and crannies? Think more of a square tub positioned in the centre of the bathroom, with a floor-mounted tap. Now there are no hard to reach or awkward places where your mop can’t go.

Less cleaning means more time for bubble bath relaxation!

The toilet is most definitely the worst place to clean. It makes sense you don’t want to spend any longer than necessary cleaning your toilet(s) and getting closer than you have to.

A streamlined, wall-mounted toilet allows you to mop easily and quickly, with less curves and corners to harbour dust and dirt. 

Smart bathroom design that focuses on minimising dirt, mould, dust and more as well as adding a shower channel, will have your bathroom cleaning itself in no time.

Reef Channels offer premium bathroom channels all manufactured to create a modern, sleek and practical bathroom, wet area and outdoor drainage solutions.

Want to know more about bathroom products that reduce cleaning time? Contact Reef Channels today and see our bespoke or stainless-steel channels to solve your bathroom drainage issues.