How A Shower Grate Can Change the Look of Your Bathroom

To have that amazing bathroom décor you’ve always wished for, you need not just an elegant and classic shower system, you also need a perfect shower grate that will help you achieve that ultimate look you want for your bathroom. Shower grates add a special and unique atmosphere to the general look and feel of your bathing space. Modern shower grates come in varieties of glamorous and glossy designs that can outclass the looks of even high-priced shower systems.

Shower grates come in a number of shapes and sizes. Though most of these drain-covers are certified by CSA or UPC, many are still way out of the certification league. A bathroom grate is an essential accessory of the bathroom; it makes sure the wastewater that has been produced during a shower or any other activity is appropriately drained out from the bathing area. Grates not only tie the look of a shower together, they need to be functional and durable.

Change Your Accents, Change Your Bathroom

Different kinds of grate drains are suitable for different bathroom requirements. There are various factors that homeowners need to consider when selecting a shower drain such as shape, size, installation method, styling, build, finish and so on. In spite of the variation in bathroom grate units, any shower grate can be installed in any place you want. But if you want the perfect grate to be installed in your shower to give it a facelift, you need to take your time and carefully consider several factors which will be discussed in the paragraphs below.

Matte Black

Reef Stainless Steel Channels provides the trending finish of Matte Black. This distinctive, durable, and aesthetic finish meets the organic compound requirements of the Green Building Council of Australia. It is assured that this finish is free of any form of heavy metal pigments, and is eco-friendly and healthy for users. Matte Black finish is undoubtedly the finish that is taking over most of the Australian bathroom industry. The Matte Black finish is desirable for most bathroom accessories and bathroom tapware, as scratches and ware take much longer to show up compared to classic metallic finishes. This finish is now being applied to stainless steel bathroom drains, perfectly complimenting popular color and design patterns, creating a fine-looking bathroom for every homeowner.

The beautiful and eye-catching effect is peerless, and this has made it one of the most popular and most used design trends in the past few years. This is a design that works perfectly in all modern bathrooms with high-end features. Whether your bathroom is sleek and modern, or cozy and well-loved, this finish comes out wonderfully. The 900mm Kalbarri and the 900mm Leveque tile insert channels are available, and other models or sizes of your choice are also available.

Fantastic Look, Exceptional Feel

At Reef Channels, we offer the best Matte Black shower grate finish, be it our Original Series in our geometrically intricate Cube pattern (customer’s top choice) or the Kalbarri, Aero, Geographe, or Jurien patterns, or a custom-built design of you choosing. Whichever shower drain grates fit your style can be finished in Matte Black by us, and you’ll definitely love the fantastic look and exceptional feel of our shower grates.

The Matte Black finished drains feel super-gentle underfoot with unrivaled slip resistance, which ensures maximum safety throughout its use. This durable accessory has been designed to last and built using cutting-edge manufacturing procedures in Western Australia, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a high-quality shower grate that will offer higher water drainage rates (about 114 liters per minute) compared to other products on the market. This will enable you to have a modern-styled bathroom without visual obstructions, barriers, mold, or mildew, which is harmful to human health, and a totally unpleasant thing to see inside a sophisticated bathroom.

Mixed Metallic

Reef Nano-Barrier

In decades past, gold and copper finishes were sidestepped in the bathroom because they have a tendency to tarnish or pit. Nowadays, use of these colors and finishes has been made possible with a groundbreaking innovation – the Reef Nano-Barrier, where an antique-looking copper or gold finish is sealed with Reef’s special formula. The Reef Nano-Barrier makes cleaning easy and also prevents water staining or buildup of limescale; this has been made possible with the use of coating technology from the nautical and aeronautical industries. If the new style isn’t for you, you can accent an old-fashioned bathroom with our classic metallic finishes, new and improved!

Straight Copper Finishes

If you are not much of a mixing and matching person, you have nothing to worry about. We can easily coat your drain cover in any finish you want. All you have to do is specify your requirements on the order form.

Our Most Attractive Bathroom Grate Finishes to Date

By delivering a unique appealing look, our Mixed Metallic bathroom grates allow you to establish a stain-free and beautiful bathroom. By empowering you to blend and match your grate drain and cover to meet your choice of design and requirements, we ensure that your brand-new shower drain will effortlessly complement the existing accessories and taps of your modern bathroom.

The Best Complement to the Entire Existing Bathroom Features

Reef Mixed Metallic shower grates complements contemporary bathroom spaces and empower every homeowner to create an aesthetic look as no shower drainage grate product on the market can. Our Mixed Metallic is available in every grate pattern, from our common Surf Pattern to the geometric Cube pattern; you’ll be enabled to create a unique, clean-feeling, and beautiful personal bathroom space.

With the distinctive color (copper, stainless steel, matte black, mirror, antique copper, or gold) and pattern of your choice, your new bathroom grate will perfectly complement the existing features in your bathroom or subtly provide a contrasting color effect.

Tile and Stone Inserts

If you are looking for simple yet extremely functional accessories in your bathroom, the Reef Leveque or Deep Reef stone insert channels should be your number one option, a bathroom grate made in Australia from a 316 marine-grade stainless steel of 2mm thickness, with a 10-year warranty. This is one of our most durable options, great for large families.


It is best used in a shower with bigger tiles and a tray of depth of 21.5mm. Its installation process is relatively easy, and rarely requires you to chip out concrete for the channel to fit well. Leveque is the perfect drain channel to choose when you don’t want the tile channel to represent the focus point of your shower area. Our excellently fabricated tray system houses tiles so as to allow the channel to easily blend into the bathroom flooring. This is why we refer to the Leveque as “The Hidden” drainage system. If your bathroom is already beautiful and simply needs a hard-working drainage system, this is the choice for you.

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the Reef Leveque, as this 900mm long masterpiece tile insert channel went through a series of tests in the laboratory ensuring it is capable of delivering 113 liters per minute of wastewater drainage. This is equal to about 11 or 12 water-saving bathroom showerheads being disposed of at a go – this is the perfect solution if you’ve had shower drainage problems in the past.

Deep Reef Stone Insert

This grate has been designed to work with any natural stone or thick flooring material. The insert tray can accommodate about 22mm thickness of flooring material, crafted from a 316 marine-grade stainless steel 2mm thick, it provides a simple look that will easily complement your choice of granite, marble or stone materials.

You need the finest shower grate to augment the classy look of your bathroom if you have a natural stone of high quality in it.  Be it granite, travertine, or marble, the DEEP Reef Stone Insert channel is capable of accommodating any natural stone. This insert channel is one of the best shower grates Perth has, and it is quickly becoming the number one choice of channel for wet surface applications that requires natural stone. This option is popular among architects and designers, and can be installed in new houses.


Our drainage systems provide different benefits such as continuity of design, easy installation, and improved safety. Also, installing one of our bathroom grates or shower drains at home can provide greater ease when it comes to maintenance. This is of immense importance when it comes to selecting the most suitable shower drain and water removal system. It is always wise to consider all your options before making a final purchase of a shower grate. All potential options should be able to meet the needs and requirements of your bathroom.

If you need help or have questions concerning what type of finish, stone or tile to use to achieve a more glamorous bathroom, you are free to reach us via this contact link or just dial (08) 9272 6511.