Choosing the Best Drain for Your Bathroom

Choosing a bathroom drain isn’t generally the first thing people think of when it comes to designing or renovating a bathroom. We all think of what the vanity style, tile designs, shower fixtures and overall bathroom colour theme will be.

What drain you decide on, however, should be one of the most careful bathroom decisions you make, as it can greatly affect the style and functionality of your bathroom shower.

Read on for tips on choosing the best drain for your bathroom.

Point drain

Will you choose a point drain or linear drain? Seen in most showers, point drains are the most common choice. These drains are located in the middle of the shower, with the floor sloped from all directions towards and down the drain.

A shower floor with a point drain acts as a gently sloped funnel, directing all the water into the drain. A bathroom design tip is choosing a square drain grate over a circular one. With most tiles being square it will: 

  • Look better, and
  • Save the installer from making round cuts on a square tile.

Now that you know the common choice for bathroom, it’s time to be introduced to a functional and design favourite, and bespoke alternative.

Linear drain (bathroom channel)

A linear drain is as the name suggests, a drain that’s both long and narrow. Adding modern style to your shower, this drain choice has surged in popularity in the last few years across DIY and professional bathroom renovators. Here’s why…

These drains can be situated both:

  • In the centre of your bathroom, but
  • Most commonly along the wall of the shower.

Linear bathroom drains allow water to drain away with a gently sloped and even shower floor design.

What are the benefits of a bathroom channel?

With great linear drain bathroom channels, comes great artistic capabilities.

This drain choice means you can easily incorporate larger tiles in your bathroom and shower floor. This is because the entire floor is gently sloped in one direction, meaning any size tile will look perfect.

Now you’re able to use the same tiles for your bathroom wall on your shower floor. 

A true design advantage, large tiles and a bathroom channel will make your bathroom look:

  • Gorgeously seamless, and
  • Effortlessly larger than it actually is.

Tile size aside, more linear bathroom channel benefits are:

  • They’re great for contemporary and spacious design,
  • Provide great drainage,
  • Excellent for people with mobility issues, and
  • Easy to clean with strainer basket wastes.

Ultimately, your bathroom drain decision should be made right at the start – in the design and planning of your bathroom. A drain is not something you install last, with little to no thought because it’s a risky move which could affect your plumbing placement.

A bathroom drain or channel will seriously sway your overall bathroom design. So, plan to enhance your bathroom flair and choose an innovative and modern bathroom drainage solution from Reef Channels in Perth.

Want to know more about choosing the right drain or channel for your bathroom? Contact Reef Channels today to find browse our range of drainage solutions.