Bathroom Plants

Plants for the bathroom.


Bathrooms are the perfect place to feel relaxed and revitalised, whether that’s taking a long soak in the tub or opting for a refreshing shower. A great way to add to the tranquillity of this space is by considering interior décor and accessories that make you feel calm and comfortable. As bathrooms are often quite simple in design and decorated with clean, crisp colours, adding greenery gives them a fresh lease of life in modern and traditional homes.

Greenery and succulents are a popular choice for many interior plants. This vibrant yet clean look matches a variety of décor and adds a natural touch to a living space. These types of houseplants are also great for anyone who finds looking after plants difficult. Their low maintenance composition requires very little watering and they generally thrive in warmer conditions.

As bathrooms often have a different temperature and humidity factor compared to the rest of your home, choosing the perfect plants that take this into consideration is a must. There are several things that need to be considered when choosing your ideal foliage including how much space you have for plants, the temperature changes in a bathroom and lighting. All these factors will determine how long greenery lasts in your bathroom and how much they need to be tended to, to keep them in optimum health.

There are several plant types that are ideal for bathrooms and other rooms that have extreme temperature differences such as kitchens and conservatories. Take a look at some of the top choices and reasons why these plants will not only benefit your bathroom but your overall wellbeing.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera

This is one of the most popular houseplants for modern and contemporary homes due to its vibrant green colouring and resilience to different conditions. The plant itself is known for its healing properties and its benefits to the health industry but also has advantages if placed in your bathroom. This particular plant is also known to improve the air quality of a room and is ideal for keeping your bathroom feeling fresh. It also aids in the combat of odours such as blocked drains or stagnant water in shower grates. As Aloe Vera also requires little water to survive, the humidity of the room may mean you rarely have to water it.


Picture of a Begonia FlowerBegonias are pretty blooms that have striking foliage too. This charming houseplant is ideal for bathroom environments as they thrive in warm, humid air. This type of plant loves sunlight but not directly shining upon it. It is best placed near east or south facing windows or if your bathroom does not have a window, placing it near a fluorescent light will help it flourish.

Boston Fern

Picture of a Fern PlantThis interesting plant type is a popular bathroom option. Its long and unique leaves hang down making it ideally positioned on the side of shelves or in a hanging basket from the ceiling. The Boston Fern is native to sub-tropical countries and does well in humid areas such as the bathroom. This houseplant also offers a natural health benefit too. It restores the moisture in the air, which helps dry skin sufferers and can help to prevent winter weather health conditions such as coughs and sore throats.


An orchid is an ideal houseplant for giving your bathroom a luxury spa feel. This plant is ideal for windowsills or shelves where indirect sunlight will help it say vibrant and healthy. Due to its size, an orchid is also ideal for bathrooms that have limited space but still want to add a touch of beauty to the room. This type of houseplant has some unexpected wellbeing benefits too. Its presence can create a calming effect which helps you unwind after a hard day, they are also known to help improve air quality, which in turn can help you sleep better.


Cast Iron Plant

Picture of a Cast Iron PlantLiving up to its name, this strong and resilient houseplant can survive in a range of conditions. It is most suited to bathrooms where it can take advantage of the warm, humid air. Native to the Far East, this ornamental style plant offers charming addition to any bathroom. The leaves can grow over a foot long so it is best for bathrooms that have a little more space. It also requires light watering and a brightly lit room but it best to keep out of direct sunlight in case the leaves get burnt.


 ivy plantThe ivy plant is well known for its air-purifying properties and is most famously used by the NASA space program. This plant also has some unique properties such as removing mould, faeces and drain grate odours from the surrounding air, which is ideal for keeping your bathroom hygienic. As this houseplant trails downwards, placing it on a ledge or shelf creates a stunning foliage element in your bathroom. They are also easy to maintain and require moderate sunlight to thrive.

Dracaena plant



This popular houseplant is a great option for complementing your bathroom. The heat and humidity of this room helps to keep it healthy and its leaves vibrant. It is also a larger plant so works best in bathrooms that have some free space. Not only does this plant have aesthetic benefits, it also provides known health boosts including air purification and humidity control, which benefits sufferers of dry skin and common winter illnesses.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese EvergreenThe Chinese evergreen houseplant is a decorative foliage option for your bathroom. This style of plant thrives in a warm areas and the moisture in the air will help to provide it with water. Its interesting leaf markings make it a beautifully addition to a bathroom and offers a tropical ambience to your décor. Like many of the houseplants above, this plant also has purifying properties and removes toxins and pollutants in the surrounding air.

Houseplants are ideal for many rooms in the home and each has unique aesthetic and functional properties, which provide many style and health benefits for anyone looking to revamp their bathroom décor.