Are You Redesigning Your Bathroom?

Bathroom Trends to Look Out For

Bathrooms need to be practical, after all, they’re used daily by all members of the family, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t be stylish as well. Your bathroom is often a place of relaxation where you enjoy a hot shower, soak in the bathtub or pampering session, so it makes sense to add finishing touches that make it a pleasant place to be. There are both small and large changes that can be made to your bathroom, and here are some of the biggest trends in bathroom design to give you some inspiration.

Over-sized bathtubs

When it comes to bathtubs, modern trends dictate that the bigger the tub the better. After all, what’s better than relaxing into a huge tub of warm, bubbly water? If you add a larger tub, there are practical considerations such as adding a drain grate and ensuring you have adequate water pressure to fill the tub quickly. However, once this is sorted you have the fun part of picking out a bathtub, and some on-trend styles include:

  • Corner baths
  • Freestanding baths
  • Double ended baths
  • Slipper baths

An over-sized bathtub makes an interesting focal point for a bathroom and adds a modern, stylish touch.

Elegant Freestanding Bathtub
Home Bathroom
Freestanding Bathtub

Vintage or patterned tiles

Bathroom looks are moving away from the clinical, all-white looks, and vintage and patterned tiles are a huge trend. Some homeowners are reluctant to go for anything outlandish, perhaps worrying it’ll become dated, which is why it’s important to choose the right tile that suits a bathroom space and creates a subtle effect. Consider doing a feature wall with a bold pattern, and balancing it out with something simple like a subway tile to avoid going overboard.

Darker colours

We often associate bathrooms with bright white tones, but darker colours are fast becoming stylish. A darker grey or teal tone can look particularly modern, and off-white colours give your bathroom more of a homely rather than clinical feel. When using darker colours, try to find fixtures such as a strip drain that’ll fit in with the palate. Silver fixtures match the tones better than white and add a luxe look to your bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom, then balance out dark and light to avoid making the room feel claustrophobic.

Black And White Bathroom
Modern Bathtub
Modern Tiled Bathroom

Marble effects

Marble effect has been on everything recently, from t-shirts to notebooks, so why not bring it into your bathroom? Marble isn’t as expensive as you might think, and some ways to use it in the bathroom include:

  • A marble sink – an easy way to add a luxe touch to your bathroom
  • Marble effect tiles – add more interest than plain white tiles
  • Shower walls or sink splashback in a marble effect
  • Marble counters
  • Marble accessories such as toothbrush holders – the cheapest way to update your bathroom

Whether you use a little marble or a lot, it adds a luxury feel and breaks up dull white spaces.

Marble Bathroom Design

Reclaimed and rustic pieces

Forget those bright white bathroom suites; the latest trend is reclaiming vintage pieces for your bathroom. Whether it’s a copper bathtub or vintage-look shower head, rustic features give your bathroom a cosy feel and often create a beautiful focal point for the room. However, it’s important to check that these items conform to modern standards. For example, you might want to install new taps or a shower grate, while still using reclaimed items. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a copper tub, look for finishing touched such as rustic candle holders, wooden stools, or vintage style photos to add an interesting touch.

Cabin Bathroom
Rustic Bathroom Design
Log Cabin Bathroom

Showers with French doors

Forget hanging a flimsy shower curtain, big shower enclosures with double doors are one of the latest bathroom trends. Choose a shower with French doors to prevent water spillage and create a stylish statement in your bathroom. It’s ideal for those who want to install a rainfall showerhead, as keeps more water in than a traditional screen.

Another on-trend option would be to add large brass handles to the doors to create a vintage look, or to opt for frosted or other glass effects.

Open showers

If shower enclosures simply aren’t your thing, then open showers are also a stylish option. For a truly open feel, the shower controls can be built into the wall, with the shower head built into the ceiling giving you a rainfall effect. Much like the wet room trend, having the shower properly installed is key to achieving this trend and ensuring it functions properly. There are lots of options for shower drain grates and other options to help you avoid slippery floors or damp, so make sure to account for them when designing your bathroom. An open shower is ideal for creating a contemporary look for your bathroom and makes it easier to clean.

Round mirrors

An easy way to update your bathroom is to add a large round mirror. Softening the harsh edges of a bathroom, a round mirror looks great over a sink or vanity unit, and you can even add LED lighting to make it easier to see what you’re doing in the morning.

Feature Mirror In Bathroom
Artistic Bathroom

Bathroom plants

Feel like you’re showing in a tropical paradise by adding some houseplants to your bathroom. As bathrooms are moving away from the minimalistic look, plants are becoming a popular feature and add colour and life to even dull rooms. Big leafy ferns are a popular interior design trend, and they can be placed in hanging baskets or on shelves to add an exotic touch. If you aren’t green fingered, then choose succulents or cacti for a low-maintenance option.

Bathroom trends have moved on a lot in the past few years, away from minimalism towards cosy, welcoming spaces. By adding a few touches or swapping your fixtures, it’s easy to bring your bathroom up to date, and give you a relaxing space that’s also practical and stylish. If you’re updating your bathroom, get in touch with Reef Channel for all your bathroom drainage needs including shower drains and accessories.