A simple and effective solution for when your drain pipes don’t line up

Builders, tilers and plumbers alike know that there is nothing worse than getting to a building site ready to install a new stainless-steel shower channel, only to find out that the outlet doesn’t align with the waste pipes in the floor. Moving these pipes requires the messy and time-consuming process of chipping up the concrete to realign and then set back in concrete again. There must be a better way.

Yes, there are some ‘hacksaw onsite and glue together’ type channel products on the market.

However, whilst convenient we all know that silicone joints inevitably break down and leak causing you headaches.

Therefore, if you value the reputation of your business and wish to avoid upsetting customers these band aid solutions should be avoided at all costs.

Reef RAPID offers custom located outlets Australia wide within 3 working days

A less risky and more professional solution is to order a Reef Rapid through your plumbing supplies merchant. Ask them to contact Pride Industries, the Australian manufacturer of Reef Stainless Steel Channels. We deal with Reece, Tradelink, Bunnings Trade, Harvey Norman Commercial,  Galvins and Plumbtec members along with many independent tile and bathroom retailers.

In our Bayswater, WA factory we have blank Reef Stainless Steel channel trays in the popular sizes of 600, 800, 900, 1000, 1200 and 1800mm lengths. Simply select your size and grate pattern then specify whether you need a 50, 80 or 100mm diameter outlet along with measurements B and C as per the diagram below.

professional solution is to order a Reef Rapid through your plumbing supplies merchant

Simply specify measurements B and C when you order your Reef RAPID channel.

Once your order is received the outlet is punched, factory welded and embossed within 24 hours. We are then able to rapidly ship Australia wide. In fact, within just three working days you will receive your shower channel with custom located outlet delivered to any Australian capital city. Our current record turn around time is under 24 hours for a shower channel supplied into Melbourne!. Regional deliveries would require an extra day or two.

Now with Reef RAPID you have the peace of mind that comes with a factory built solution you can install with confidence. Importantly customer satisfaction is guaranteed and you avoid any painful call-backs with complaints of water damage resulting from leaky silicone joints.

This is just one example of a Reef Promise and yet another way that Reef Channel are helping more Australian builders, plumbers and tilers create spacious and barrier free bathrooms.

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