3 Reasons Why Anti-Slip Drainage Channels are Useful

There are many reasons why anti-slip drainage channels are used, but among them are two main ones: safety and aesthetic purposes. How many times have you seen someone else slip and fall due to a wet floor with no safety precautions? This can become a very dangerous scenario, especially for the elderly.

Slipping can result in a serious injury or fall. Many commercial and industrial buildings can avoid this by installing high functioning slip resistant channels. Public areas that are filled with pedestrians need to have a system in place that prevents falls and injuries when floors are wet. Along with this, they want to make sure the environment looks good and is easy to maintain once the channels are installed.

Let’s take a look at some of the beneifts anit-slip drainage channels bring.

Safe Environments 1. Safe Environments

How many times have you seen someone else slip and fall due to a wet floor with no safety precautions? This can become a very dangerous scenario, especially for the elderly. Slipping can result in a serious injury or fall, and many commercial buildings can avoid this by installing high functioning slip-resistant channels.

An anti-slip drainage channel is a wise investment to ensure the safety of others in areas where exposed water may represent a high risk. To help prevent falls and injuries, we recommend commercial buildings use these channels both externally and internally. While they won’t prevent all falls, they will definitely decrease the number of mishaps.

Consequently, anti-slip drainage channels are beneficial to many areas including commercial kitchens, schools, factories, hotels, hospitals, among many other environments. Because these places have high traffic rates, it’s important to invest in anti-slip channels as well as upgrade when current ones are worn down or damaged. This will create a safer environment for everyone – guests and employees.

2. Aesthetic Purposes

The anti-slip drainage products by Reef offer an elegant, modern look to any environment. They are designed from a touch silicone carbide aggregate that will not wear or tear for many years. Offering the highest level of slip resistance, anti-slip drainage channels are extremely useful and beneficial.

Clients can easily custom make their anti-slip drainage channel by using the interactive custom design form on our website. They will find the process to be hassle-free, simple, and cost-effective. Our products increase safety, comfort, and style by offering a wide variety of colours and patterns to tailor client preference.

In addition, our products offer durability and a contemporary design that suits any environment. Previous clients have found our products to be extremely functional and reliable. They have all been tested for slip-resistance to ensure quality products that work. This means that this is an investment that will last you many years.

Finally, our products use the latest technology and drainage installation methods, making it easy to design, construct, and enhance our products. Our clients benefit from our stainless-steel drainage channels that are easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. Not only this, but they are sure to fit in with today’s design trends.

3. Convenience

Our products are extremely versatile, making it convenient within any type of environment. It is easy to clean and great for locations with constant traffic. In fast-paced environments, you really need this as it will save you time, resources, and money. The type of channel that you decide on depends on the environment in which it will be placed.

Great for industrial and commerical locations, anti-slip channels are recommended for areas such as commercial kitchens. These channels give a good grip to the bottom of shoes to help prevent slipping. It’s a great option for food prep areas with heavy traffic. It also has a smooth finish and is available in different patterns and colours to make it look nice in any space.

Reef Stainless Steel Channels

At Reef Channel, we take pride in giving our customers products they will love and benefit from. We offer a large variety of anti-slip drainage solutions to ensure the safety and comfort of any place. With products that fit perfectly into any environment ranging from commercial kitchens, hospitals, or schools, we are proudly one of the leading providers in the area. Additionally, our team of experts hold extensive knowledge supplying hygienic stainless steel drainage solutions so that you can obtain the best product possible.

We offer a wide selection of products including, but not limited to gap channels, shower drains, bathroom grates, or anti-slip channels. Our selection is very extensive to tailor to all our client needs. For any questions or to learn more about our anti-slip channels, feel free to give us a call today at +61 (08) 9272 6511. We look forward to speaking with you!